Transforming Lives for Good

Economic Empowerment

Enterprenuers being skilled in Bakery during the pitch Project at Red Cross Society Mbale Branch

Young People empowerment. Majority of our young people are able and capable with lots of talents to be explored in the development, but most of them only want to do a white colored job and most of them could not compete for jobs in on the market as most could not meet the required qualifications needed. As EYOU, we believe that when we empower the Young People in exploring the talents they have in ways that contribute towards the development of their selves and community, we shall be able to achieve our desired goal of having an enlightened, empowered and productive young of Uganda. 

We also empower Young People in financial literacy to help them manage their finances at a personal level and also be able to manage their savings and loan schemes. And how to take up investment and prepare for old age. 

In the struggle to eradicate poverty, Elite youth of Uganda came up with the initiative of entrepreneurship trainings in communities and we have so far covered a number of communities in eastern region mostly in Mbale district with the aim of wealthy creation through small scale businesses that are mostly hands on work entrepreneurship businesses like liquid soap making, art and craft and baking.


Sexual Reproductive Health

During the Lets talk community Dialogues in Namabasa in Mbale City Northern City Division partnered with RHU to offer free family planning services and information

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. Ideally, the sexual reproductive health rights of our young women and adolescent girls are not being given a proper attention by the government and the duty bearer. Women and adolescent girls are going through a lot of challenges, such as, lack of required materials needed for women in time of delivery in the hospital, girls dropping out of school as a result of menstruation, Sexual gender based violence, Teenage pregnancies, unsafe abortions depriving an adolescent girls and young women of their right to attend school. As an organization we want to intervene with measures to curb down some of these problems especially improving the hygiene of our young women and adolescent girls through training them in making reusable sanitary pads such that the girls stay in school during menstruation. 

We also work with young people and build their capacity to demand, access and uptake SRH services.


In search for the best way of how school going children/youths would give and submit their views and contribute to the solutions of problems affecting our country  around the political, social, economic and religious sphere, Elite youth of Uganda organization came up with the format of conducting debates that ensure that they benefit the students or school going children through training them in public speaking , gaining confidence and enhancing on their English language as they submit toward a given resolution from a specific Theme.

The themes created in these debates are always derived to address the problems like corruption, environmental degradation, poor Education and performance, violence, Human rights abuse in the communities.



Majorly most of our young people within the community and country wide are among the marginalized category of people. They are being denied in many areas of life such as involvement in policy making processes, decision making, participation in leadership and also taking part in the development patterns at all levels. And as a result, their effort is not being considered and their voices are not being heard and see. And so we want to advocate for them to be heard and seen at all levels.