Transforming Lives for Good

Power to youth School outreaches”

The purpose of the school outreach is to empower school going and out of school children with information on the benefits of prioritizing books before babies. Topics top on discussion are; menstrual hygiene management, personal hygiene, puberty, prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs, prevention of child marriages, teenage pregnancies, and gender equality. Girls’ education goes […]

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

Today Elite youth of Uganda Organization together with other CSO’s in partnership with Mbale District shall be celebrating and commemorating the women’s day at Busoba mbale district headquarters and among the activities we shall have counselling, HIV/AIDs testing, entrepreneurship skilling, blood donation, community sensitization against GBV And Condom Distribution.

Radio Talk Show

Catch our executive director live on 95 time FM with other guests deliberating widely on the role of men, boys and fathers on ending the rampant ongoing early pregnancies in Uganda.