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Lack of Economic Empowerment services has the devastating potential to create a severe of economic impacts. Young people have straggled with life and they need a hand that can support them through Economic Empowerment that can equip them with constructive Knowledge and reliable Skills. It is noticed that 60% of youths in their productive years, lack direction which has contributed greatly in affecting the development and economic out-put of the country. In Uganda, youths contribute 50% to the economy of the country.

Uganda remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The average daily income hovers below one dollar a day. While 40% of the populations in the south are living below the poverty line, in the north this figure rises as high as 70%. A large proportion of young people in Uganda have received little or no formal schooling. Most of them are unemployed. They are being denied even the most basic, most practical vocational education and their chances of ever finding a paid job are very slim indeed. it is because of this background that EYOU runs the YOUTH AND YOUNG MOTHERS BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS AND ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT with the aim of empowering youths with entrepreneurship skills and financial management skills this program was launched in Nakaloke Town Council on 6th September 2023 where we had young girls and mothers trained through liquid soap making.

The Overall Objective of this program is to empower both in and out of school youths and women with hands on economic Skills and keeping them out of current dangers HIV/AIDS, Early pregnancy and early marriages to AGYW, Breaking the York of vulnerability and having good working conducive environment to enable them obtain a successfully/desirable life so as to eradicate poverty in Uganda.

Project Objective

  1. To reduce vulnerability and dependency among the young people by 20% in rural community of our project catchments.
  1. To mobilize and sensitize over 12,000 youths in Mbale.
  2. To advocate and mainstream Economic Empowerment skills with other trainings.
  3. To reduce the problem of unemployment by 10% of the youths.
  4. To provide 40% of Counseling and Guidance services to youths on psychosocial and economic issues.

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