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Climate change can put girls at greater risk of child marriage. In periods of crisis, child marriage can be seen as a way for families to reduce severe economic hardship. This is often at the cost of her education and future options. Currently, more than 80% of adolescent girls are at risk of child marriage, early pregnancy, and school dropout. Climate change will also increase the risk of infant and maternal mortality, birth complications, and poorer reproductive health, especially in tropical, developing countries. Thus, climate change will have a substantial impact on the health and survival of the next generation among already challenged populations.

It is against this background that Elite youth of Uganda joined Eco green champions and other entities with similar objectives to conduct the tree planting project with the aim of preserving the environment.

On 16th, August 2023, a remarkable and impactful tree planting event took place at St. Paul’s College in Northern City Division Mbale city, bringing together the Green Eco Champions, Elite youth of Uganda, the Marketing and Management Department of Makerere University Business School (MUBs-Mbale Campus), and the National Forestry Authority (NFA). The event was a combined effort to foster environmental awareness, sustainable practices, and a commitment to conserving our planet’s fragile ecosystems.

The day began with a series of informative and engaging climate education sessions. Members from Green Eco Champions, MUBs-Mbale Campus, Elite youth of Uganda and NFA joined hands to deliver thought-provoking presentations, shedding light on the urgent need to combat climate change, highlighting its consequences, and emphasizing the role that young individuals can play in shaping a greener future.

One of the day’s major highlights was the official inauguration of a Plastic Collection Centre within the premises of St. Paul’s College Mbale. This initiative aims to tackle the rampant issue of plastic waste by providing a designated space for students to bring their plastic waste for proper disposal and recycling. The Plastic Collection Centre is expected to serve as a model for similar projects in the region, promoting the responsible management of plastic waste.

In a bid to empower the youth as a catalysts for change, the event introduced the launch of “Young Green Eco Champions” Club. More than 300 students participated enthusiastically in this initiative, which encourages young minds to take ownership of environmental issues and develop innovative solutions. Through mentorship, workshops, and collaborative projects, these young champions will be equipped to drive sustainable practices and inspire their peers to do the same.

The day culminated in a beautiful tree planting ceremony. Under the guidance of members from Green Eco Champions, Marketing and Management Department MUBs-Mbale Campus and students planted a diverse range of native trees.

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